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The Skateroom x Van Gogh Museum

The Skateroom and the Van Gogh Museum present a collection of skateboards featuring iconic artworks by Vincent van Gogh. A part of the revenue generated by this special collaboration will be donated to a project initiated by Skateistan. With its innovative skateboarding programmes, this award-winning non-profit organisation unites education and skateboarding. Never stood on a skateboard before? No worries! These art skateboards are meant to go on your wall.

We invite you to share an image of your Van Gogh skateboard at home and let us know how Van Gogh inspires you. Use #vangoghathome to be featured in our gallery below.

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Empowering youth

"Through each collaboration we launch, we donate either 5% of the turnover or 25% of the revenue (whichever amount is higher) to a specific social project around the world. By uniting artists and art enthusiasts, together, we are empowering children in disadvantaged situations to seek out a brighter future".

The Skateroom

Art for social impact

"When we place these iconic works on skateboards, we’re not just taking art off the museum walls and giving it back to the community – We are inviting you to be a part of our movement".

The Skateroom

 “I keep on making what I can’t do yet in order to learn to be able to do it”.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent's story

"While Vincent van Gogh is now considered one of the most famous painters in art history, in his relatively short lifetime he had to work hard and keep believing in himself. Fortunately, his brother Theo supported him both financially and mentally to achieve his goals. Persistence, believing in someone and supporting him or her with means they do not have themselves; these themes make the collaboration between The Skateroom and the Van Gogh Museum very apt".

Van Gogh Museum

A symbol for freedom

"A skateboard is an ideal canvas because it is affordable, mobile, and useable.
A skateboard is also a symbol for freedom. It has the power to break social barriers".

The Skateroom

Inspire a new audience

"Another aspect that binds The Skateroom and the Van Gogh Museum is their shared mission to make art accessible outside museum walls. With your purchase you are not only supporting The Skateroom and their social economic business model, but you are also supporting the work of the Van Gogh Museum".

Van Gogh Museum

Special pilot program

"Part of the sales of The Skateroom x Van Gogh Museum collection will be invested in a new Skateistan pilot programme for children in South Africa. Their goal is to teach children with and without disabilities to gain more self-confidence in life through skateboarding".

The Skateroom