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Van Gogh Print S Skull

‘Sky blue, pink, orange, vermilion, brilliant yellow, bright green, bright wine red, violet…by intensifying all the colours one again achieves calm and harmony.’

Vincent Van Gogh to his sister Willemien, Arles, 30 March 1888

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Van Gogh Print S Skull

Van Gogh Print S Skull

Van Gogh Print S Skull

€ 7.40 € 4.96 ($5.60)
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High-quality print reproduction of Vincent van Gogh's painting Head of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette. Van Gogh probably painted this eerie but captivating picture while at the art academy in Antwerp. Skeletons were often used during drawing lessons for the study of human anatomy.

Size of image 23 x 30 cm. Size incl. white border 30 x 40 cm.


High-quality print reproduction

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30 cm
40 cm
80 gram
250 grams HV silk MC