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Seeing with a Japanese eye

Vincent purchased his first Japanese woodcuts in Antwerp. He pinned them to the wall of his room. With their bright colours, striking lines of division and heavy contours, they were completely different to the images he was used to. During his quest to find a modern style of painting, Van Gogh was often inspired by his collection of Japanese prints. They changed his art forever. Discover what he learned from the prints in this video.

Reproductions on washi paper

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Authentic Japanese paper

Washi Torinoko is high-quality photographic paper with a washi finish. The base of this paper is manufactured using a traditional Japanese Tanmo machine, which produces a paper with such a refined, soft texture that it appears handmade. The washi is made in Echizen, a former Japanese province that has been famous for its paper making for more than 1,500 years.