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"Off the Wall"

Van Gogh is most noted for his work that evokes beauty, emotion and colour bringing his personal expression to life through his art. By uniting Van Gogh’s iconic artworks with Vans’ innovative styles, this exclusive collection brings Vincent’s art “Off The Wall” and into the world outside the museum.

Vans worked closely with the Van Gogh Museum team to select four main bodies of work that speaks to the creative ethos of Vans’ design as well as personal moments from the artist familial history. Skull, Almond Blossom, Sunflowers and Van Gogh’s self-portrait are celebrated through an extensive Vans collection, showcasing Van Gogh’s masterpieces in a very unique way. 

Update: Due to overwhelming interest in the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection, most items have been sold out. A limited amount of stock is still available. When an item is not visible on this page, it means it has already sold out.

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Discover the story

SkullAlmond Blossom, Sunflowers and Van Gogh’s self-portrait are celebrated through an extensive Vans collection. In a series of videos assistant curator of the Van Gogh Museum, Bregje Gerritse, tells you more about the story behind this unique collaboration.

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