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Van Gogh's ear: the true story

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Van Gogh's ear: the true story

Van Gogh's ear: the true story

Van Gogh's ear: the true story

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In early 1889 Van Gogh painted two self-portraits with a bandage wrapped around his ear. What really lies beneath that bandage has been disputed for the last century. How much of his ear did he cut off? Why did he do it? Who was the prostitute to whom he gave his grisly gift? How did he end up, just eighteen months after he cut off his ear, committing suicide at only 37 years old? In Van Gogh's Ear: The True Story, Bernadette Murphy set out to answer these questions and debunk the myth-making around Van Gogh. And she succeeded: her new information uncovers mysteries, shifts perceptions and significantly changes the way we see Van Gogh.


Paperback, 319 pages. Based on recently discovered documents.

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Vintage Publishing
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