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Van Gogh and the Sunflowers: A Masterpiece Examined

'In the hope of living in a studio of our own with Gauguin, I’d like to do a decoration for the studio. Nothing but large Sunflowers'.

Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, Arles, 21 or 22 August 1888

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Van Gogh and the Sunflowers: A Masterpiece Examined

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers: A Masterpiece Examined

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers: A Masterpiece Examined

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Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers are among his most famous paintings. In radiant shades of yellow, he completed five large still lifes with vases of sunflowers during his time in Arles in 1888 and 1889. The paintings, which now hang in museums all over the world, swiftly assumed masterpiece status after Van Gogh's untimely death.

This publication focuses on the version of Sunflowers in the Van Gogh Museum's collection. The work has been studied using advanced technological tools to identify which materials the artist used, the painting's current condition and how it can be best preserved for the future. The results of this technical research are set out here, along with the fascinating genesis of the painting and the special significance that the sunflower held for Van Gogh.


Paperback, available in English and Dutch, 80 pages, approx 60 illustrations. Catalogue of the exhibition 'Van Gogh and the Sunflowers' on view at the museum from 21 June until 1 September 2019. Written by Nienke Bakker and Ella Hendriks.

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