Limited edition facsimile of Vincent van Gogh's Sketchbooks

Limited edition facsimile of Vincent van Gogh's Sketchbooks

Limited edition facsimile of Vincent van Gogh's Sketchbooks

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Vincent van Gogh is best known for his colourful paintings, but he was also an accomplished draughtsman. Of the many sketchbooks that Van Gogh must have owned, only four from his years as an artist have stood the test of time. These sketchbooks are all part of the Van Gogh Museum collection, and are very rarely put on public display due to their vulnerability.

The facsimiles are presented in a walnut wood cube based on the 'Rietveld size' of 35 x 35 x 35 cm. This size is connected to the Van Gogh Museum: Gerrit Rietveld designed the museum's main building. Each facsimile comes in a separate felt-lined drawer, which can be opened from all four sides of the cube. The edition is accompanied by a richly-illustrated book introducing the sketchbooks and the period in which they were made. Also included are a walnut picture frame with several separate facsimile sketches and a selection of drawing tools to experience for yourself how Van Gogh's drawing supplies looked like.


Facsimile edition of Van Gogh's sketchbooks, a limited edition of 1000 units. As close as you can get to the original sketchbooks.

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Van Gogh Museum in cooperation with publisher Komma
35 cm
87.5 cm
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