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Vincent and the Sunflowers

‘Reading books is like looking at paintings: without doubting, without hesitating, with self-assurance, one must find beautiful that which is beautiful.’
Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, Etten, 5 August 1881

Vincent and the Sunflowers

Vincent and the Sunflowers

Vincent and the Sunflowers

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Vincent goes out in search of a new subject to paint. But what should he choose? There's something beautiful to see wherever he looks, even in things that most people just pass by and ignore: the knotty branches of a tree, some blades of grass, the wet earth after a rain shower... Then Vincent passes a garden full of sunflowers. Sunflowers! That's what he wants to paint!


Hardcover, illustrated, 32 pages • Age: 3+ • Language: English and Dutch available • Story and illustrations by Barbara Stok • Translation by Laura Watkinson.

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Rubinstein | Van Gogh Museum®
19.5 cm
17 cm
196 gram
9789047627432 (EN)

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