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What to draw and how to draw it

‘Reading books is like looking at paintings: without doubting, without hesitating, with self-assurance, one must find beautiful that which is beautiful.’
Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, Etten, 5 August 1881

What to draw and how to draw it

What to draw and how to draw it

What to draw and how to draw it

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This charming book allows you to follow its easy steps to create your own beautiful line drawings. Learn how to draw, with a masterclass from the man who inspired Walt Disney, E.G. Lutz. His method of drawing complex illustrations in gradual, simplified stages paved the way for many of the artists and illustrators who followed him. Learn how to draw a delightful range of subjects, from animals and people to toys, buildings and landscapes. Simple to follow, yet using principles seen in sophisticated artworks and animations today, this guide can help artists of all ages to develop their skills.


Hardcover, 78 pages. Step-by-step guide to illustration by E.G. Lutz.

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E.G. Lutz | Michael O'Mara Books
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