Duffl'R M Almond Blossom, Eastpak x Van Gogh Museum®

Duffl'R M Almond Blossom, Eastpak x Van Gogh Museum®

Duffl'R M Almond Blossom, Eastpak x Van Gogh Museum®

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The duffle bag Duffl'R M by Eastpak is brought to life in a vibrant print inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece Almond Blossom (1890). The Duffl'R M is equipped with details from Van Gogh's work, such as a special lining with excerpts from his letters and a replica embroidered signature.

This lightweight bag is perfect for carrying your sports gear or travel essentials. Packed with functional design elements - store your shoes in the side compartment and adjust the shoulder strap to suit your style. This foldaway design packs away into a pouch.

Eastpak's designs are 'Built to Resist'. Since 1952 they have been making sustainable products that remain strong and stylish. By choosing quality designs, we reduce waste and our impact on the environment.

The Eastpak x Van Gogh Museum collection pays homage to Van Gogh’s iconic oeuvre. Eastpak, a brand that dared to be different since its earliest beginnings, recognizes itself in Vincent's unique life story, defiant personality and nomadic lifestyle. The jubilee of the Van Gogh Museum, celebrating 50 years of inspiration, is the perfect moment to share this unique collection with the public.


Celebrate the works of Van Gogh in our official collaboration with Eastpak!

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Eastpak x Van Gogh Museum®
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720 gram
30 years
100% polyester, water resistant
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