Eastpak x Van Gogh Museum

Celebrate the works of Van Gogh in our official collaboration with Eastpak.

Featuring some of Eastpak’s most iconic packs, luggage, and accessories, reimagined via three striking prints inspired by Vincent’s iconic Sunflowers (1889), Almond Blossom (1890), and Self-portrait with Straw Hat (1887).

Vincent's letters

Together with the functional design elements you’d expect from an Eastpak, each creation in the Eastpak x Van Gogh Museum collection comes embellished with details from Van Gogh's work, such as a special lining with excerpts from his letters and a replica embroidered signature.

'Built to Resist'

Eastpak's designs are 'Built to Resist'. Since 1952 they have been making sustainable products that remain strong and stylish. By choosing quality designs, we reduce waste and our impact on the environment.