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Van Gogh Foldable vase Almond Blossom

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Van Gogh Foldable vase Almond Blossom

Van Gogh Foldable vase Almond Blossom

Van Gogh Foldable vase Almond Blossom

€ 20.62 ($22.34)
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With her foldable vases, Wanda van Riet, designer of Hendrik’, combines exceptional works of art by Dutch masters with contemporary, sustainable materials. Challenge yourself and fold your own designer vase with a print inspired by Van Gogh's Almond Blossom.

This foldable vase is not only stylish, unique and durable, it is also very user-friendly! It closes with a ribbon, so you can adjust the size of the opening yourself. The tighter you close it, the smaller the opening of the vase. The folding vase is therefore ideal for a large bouquet of flowers, as well as for a small bunch of tulips. You don’t need any bottles or jars to use this vase, after folding the vase into shape you can directly fill it with water.

The material consists of biaxially stretched polyester. This quality contains no plasticisers or halogens, such as PVC, which means that production can take place through environmentally friendly processes. The material is also tear resistant and fully waterproof.


Tear resistant & waterproof • Despite the light weight material, the vase is very stable when filled with water and won't topple • Material can be cleaned with a soft sponge.

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Hendrik’ specially designed for Van Gogh Museum®
25 cm
Recycled polyester

 folding instructions (PDF, 146kb)