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Van Gogh Leather pencil case

Discover your inner artist! The Van Gogh Museum offers a wide selecton of art supplies for the beginning artist, developed in collaboration with Royal Talens.

‘Drawing is the most important thing, no matter what they say, and far and away the most difficult as well.’

Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, The Hague, 18 February 1882

Van Gogh Leather pencil case

Van Gogh Leather pencil case

Van Gogh Leather pencil case

€ 45.41 ($53.66)
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Vincent's letter to his brother Theo written on July 23 1890 about Le jardin de Daubigny has been engraved into this leather pencil case. The fine Italian leather is naturally tanned with extracts from chestnut, quebracho, mimosa trees and tara. Vegetable tannage is a traditonal technique, nowadays only practised by a handful of artisans. Vegetable tanned leather is eco-friendly and is considered the highest quality leather.


Comes in a glossy Van Gogh Museum gift box.

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Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam®
21 cm
500 gram

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