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Vincent by Barbara Stok

Browse through our carefully selected collection of catalogues, biographies and scientific studies, and get to know all about Vincent van Gogh, his work, his life and his contemporaries. Most of our books are developed by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Vincent by Barbara Stok

Vincent by Barbara Stok

Vincent by Barbara Stok

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In this graphic novel, artist and writer Barbara Stok takes the reader on a journey to the brief and intense period of time that Vincent van Gogh spent in the south of France. Vincent dreams of setting up an artists house in Arles for himself and his friends. However, his attacks of mental illness confuse him, culminating in the notorious incident with his ear and leaving his dreams shattered.


Fascinating story on art, friendship and brotherly love. 144 pages, paperback. Available in 5 languages, add to cart to select language..

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9781906838799 (EN)

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